Weddings...that's our jam! And we are so honored that you are thinking about having us on your special day.

          We have been apart of hundreds and HUNDREDS of wedding mornings over the last 15 years... We're the first team to arrive, the coffee is just being put on and most of the time people are still awakening from the festivities from the night before. We find our spots, set up and start on our first clients. For the most part we are complete strangers (just meeting the bride usually once beforehand) and there we are getting people ready on one of the most important days of the Brides life, but we won't stay strangers for long. Nerves are high, and there are emotions flooding all through the day. Laughing, crying, reminiscing ...maybe remembering people you wish could be there, or telling remember when stories...We watch brides receive letters and gifts from their almost husband or wife. We see the moments between best friends who can't believe this day is finally here, we watch sisters who will do anything to make the day go as perfectly as possible for their sister because "no one deserves it more than her." We watch a mother hug her baby who isn't quite a baby anymore and the first look between a father and daughter that no matter what, will always be his little girl (gets us every time!!) We have witnesses hundreds of significant moments that will be talked about for years to come... We are more than just the "hair and makeup girls." We help with broken zippers, wipe happy tears, give hugs when needed or squeeze a hand just to calm some nerves. We are a big part of a morning that you will always remember. We will always try to make you feel comfortable , always give you our best and we are guaranteed to throw in some laughs. So when you are choosing a hair and makeup team ( or any vendor for that matter) don't just "compare prices" because its so much more than that... Compare quality, compare energy, compare VIBES...Because we start as strangers...but we leave as friends.